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Renewable Energy Industry Association (REIA),


General aims

REIA represents and acts for the common interests of the Hungarian renewable industry toward the decision makers, general
public and renewable industry itself. The general aim is to create a legislative environment that is predictable in the long run, investment friendly, supports clearer, environmentally friendly energetic solutions and that creates fair competition without discrimination.

Main characteristics of REIA as an organisation

Serves the mid and long term interest of the whole RES industry. The
constitution, the operational mechanisms, the will and behaviour of the
membership and the following details will ensure the full respect of this
crucial requirement:

REIA is neutral towards single companies: independent from
single companies’ interests;
REIA is a non-profit organisation;
It runs an executive office (REIA office) that is independent from
single members, member groups from financial, personal and
legal point of view;

Employees of REIA office are financially, professionally and
legally independent from all members;
REAI Office works under the guidance of the Presidency, carries
out tasks and works on issues expressed as needs of the
Regular information exchange, regular reports on activities,
financial processes and status and control mechanisms
created by the assembly will ensure the proper functioning of the
REIA and the REIA Office for the benefit of the membership.

Aim: to have a well known, but neutral socially and politically
acceptable president, who understands and supports the
spreading of RES, but does not have any direct interest in the
energy sector. (note: very hard task)

The rationale for such an organization in Hungary:


Positive changes in the Hungarian energy policy derived from
needs (e.g. new capacities) and requirements (EU
requirements for renewable share increase, etc) create
increasing demand for investments into renewable technologies.

The legislative environment still has some general problems:

Lack of knowledge in some institutions/governmental bodies
and role players while some of them are simply hostile

Lack of capacity, competence in some crucial parts of the public administration
Disinterested and/or uninformed politicians, decision makers
Very strong fossil and nuclear lobby
Uninformed or misinformed public

The RES market and its players

RES is a new area; there aren’t enough (for full project cycle)
expertise (especially for wind)
act or might act according to very short interest, while doing
harm for the rest of the industry (e.g. unfaithful, disbelieving,
unfair behaviour which is not only harmful for competitors, but for
the industry in a long run)
There isn’t any lobbying organisation representing the common interests


Founders: natural persons.


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